IBO-3 India Foreign Trade

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Summary of IBO-3 India Foreign Trade

1.  What is meant by balance of payments? Describe briefly salient features of India’s balance
of payments.           
2.  Describe various measures initiated by the Government of India for promoting exports.
Explain briefly the constraints faced in implementing these efforts.    
3.  Differentiate between the following:
(a)  Visible and Invisible Exports
(b)  Regionalism and Multilaterism      
4.  Write short notes on the following:
(a)  Export of Gems and Jewellery
(b)  SWOT Analysis of Chemical Exports Sector           
5.  Comment briefly on the following statements:
(a)  The industrial policy 1991 proved a path breaking experiment.
(b)  Knowledge will be the engine of growth in the 21st century.
(c)  The contribution of power loom sector in the export of textiles is significant.
(d)  India can develop mutually West Asian countries.